Oven Cleaning

Oven Cleaning 
With Non Toxic Cleaning Solutions & Elbow Grease 

We remove everything that can physically come out of the oven. The side racks and shelves are removed along with the back panel and fan and on some ovens if possible the side panels as well

We take off the door and split it into 2 sections so that we can clean all 4 sides of the glass eradicating all the streaks and burnt on food that you cannot reach from just cleaning both sides of the oven door.

We remove all fittings on the front of the oven so that we can clean them all individually and get to the grease, dirt and food that has built up behind them.

We then clean the inside of your oven and putting your oven panels and racks, all back into your new looking oven before finishing off with a final polish to put that shine back into your oven.

We hand cleaning the oven with a non toxic oven cleaning solution and elbow grease 


Oven Cleaning   
From £35.00 
racks, internal doors & external doors) 

Extractor fan      
From £20.00
(filters must be supplied by clients)

Hobs Cleaning    
From £15.00